Club Huts

Club Huts

The Club owns three huts situated at Cass, Lake Clearwater and at the South Rakaia Huts settlement.  These facilities are all located close to noteworthy fishing spots. The huts are warm and comfortable, and are of a standard suitable for families as well as to fishing parties. These huts are fully self contained all the user needs to take is their food and fishing gear.

Rental is to members only (but the member may include non-members in the party). Rental starts at $20.00 per night per adult “share with others” or the hut can be booked out for exclusive use for $50 per night .($100 for booking the whole Rakaia House). Children over 5 years $10 per night.

The lodge at Lake Clearwater can best be described as “the jewel in our Crown” with a view from the deck that has to be seen to be believed. We have just completed an upgrade at Cass and we have shifted a four bedroom house on to the section at Rakaia to replace the old hut.

General Hut Rules for all Huts

All lodges are complete with pots, pans, cutlery, toasters, heaters, crockery and electric appliances where we have power.

  • Full sets of printed instructions are in each hut.
  • Take your own bedding, bed linen, tea towels, dish cloths and toilet paper.
  • Biodegradable washing detergent is essential at all huts, to ensure that our septic tanks and sewerage systems work properly.
  • If you use firewood at the huts please gather more for the next occupants.
  • It is also wise to take a small bag of coal to Cass especially during the colder months.
  • All equipment in the huts belongs to the Club – anything that goes missing is a cost, that has to be met by all members if items have to be replaced.