Lodge Bookings

Lodge Booking Rules:

  1. Lodges may only be booked by financial members of the club.
  2. Bookings may be made, no more than 90 days in advance.
  3. The Club member who makes the booking must be in residence when the lodge is used and is responsible for the behaviour of guests and any damage, should any occur.
  4. Only one lodge booking can be made at any one time.
  5. Any damage must be reported immediately.
  6. Empty gas bottles must be returned to the booking convenor for refilling.
  7. At peak times – Christmas to 15th January and all long weekends, lodge bookings shall be considered exclusive, but will be subject to a ballot if more than one party wants to book. The ballot shall be held 60 days prior to the occupancy date.
  8. Bookings can only be for a maximum of seven days.
  9. Through the balance of the year bookings shall be on a first come basis.
  10. All lodge users are to take note of specific instructions on the safe use of equipment in the facilities, as detailed in the manuals provided in each facility.
  11. Intentions books are placed in each lodge, please use them – it may save a life.

How to make a booking:

The method to make a booking is very easy – if you need to select several days then click on the starting date on the calendar, then click on the last day you wish to book for. If you need to select one day, then you should click twice on the date you need. The dates you select will change to show a black header, rather than green. Scroll down, and change the number of persons to show the number of beds you require. If you want to book the entire facility, please book the maximum number of beds available per lodge.

Scroll down a little further and complete the form with the information requested: name, email address and phone number. You have to enter a message – this proves that you are not a robot (don’t laugh – it’s for real…) and gives us any further info needed; “Double bed please”, “Double for me and Paul can have the bunk room”, or “We will take the whole place please” being some examples. Then click on “Book Now”.

If you have done it right you will notice a message saying “Your request has been successfully sent. Please wait for approval.” That will generate an email back to you to confirm the process has worked, plus send one off to the Lodge Booking team. They will confirm as soon as they are able to. If you have made an error just let them know, and they can cancel the booking, and while you are doing that you can re-book the correct dates or lodge making sufficient notes so that they know which booking is correct.

If you don’t have a computer then it’s the old fashioned way – ring Andrew Wells.

Cass Lodge booking calendar

Lake Clearwater Lodge booking calendar

Rakaia Lodge booking calendar