Club Trips and Activities

August club night: Tuesday the 19th – the Club Auction.

Another big night on the Club Calendar. Start time of 7:30pm with the doors opening about 6:45pm for the delivery of your surplus fishing and other assorted items. This will also allow time to inspect any prospective purchases.

John Hobson has just advised he will be there this year along with Martin Heal. These two make a great team.

We are starting to get some really good entries of donated goods from various retailers. Reg McClintock will also donate another box of his exceptional flies and perhaps some cod and groper traces. We should also have the famous SAFA toolboxes and plenty of surprises. On the night please see Barry and get your auction bidding number. Tea and coffee will be available during the night so please help yourself from the kitchen.. 

September Club night: Tuesday the 17th. John Kent: Some Life Experiences.

John is one of life’s True Gentlemen. He has over the years written to the newspapers supporting our fight against farming and urban and political practises that are detrimental to keeping our rivers and lakes clean. He has a great sense of humour, and I am sure his talk will contain honest and fun experiences. Don’t miss this clubnight.


September 13 – 15th: Fishing trip to Lake Taylor. 

Accommodation has been arranged at Lake Taylor Station shearer’s quarters, at a cost of $20 a night per person. We have stayed and fished here in previous years so are keen to get back there again. If keen to join in please put your name in the book or call Mark on 0211254242

October 5th – 6th: The Richard Marles Weekend. 

After the Alf Palmer, this is possibly our second most popular weekend at Otematata. If you have never joined in then get in touch for more details.

October 20th: Take a Kid Fishing. 

Preparation is well underway for this year’s event. As usual, I would love a good contingent of Canterbury Anglers Club members to help out at the Groynes.

We assist the children to have and enjoyable fishing experience in the outdoors by setting up their rods, tying knots, undoing tangles and
netting fish. An extremely worthwhile event that needs our support.

Names into the events book and give me a call if you want to know more.