Cass Lodge

Lodge facilities

The Les Moxham Memorial Lodge at Cass, sleeps 8-9 persons. The main bedroom has a double and 2 sets of bunks, and the sleep-out has a set of bunks plus single bed.

The lodge is a former railways cottage and has a long historical connection to the area. It is 115 km from Christchurch or 1.5 hours driving. Fishing opportunities in the area are Lake Sarah 3 km, Lake Grasmere 4 km, Lake Pearson 7 km. Lake Hawden and Lake Marymere are within 30 minutes driving and Broken River is 45 minutes journey.

This Lodge, named after one of our early members has electricity so has a refrigerator, full electric stove and microwave. We have recently added an inside bathroom with shower and toilet. Heating is by way of an open fire. Behind the lodge is a former railways single mans hut, now configured as a 3 bed sleep out. From April to November take a heater for the sleep out. Don’t forget to take insect repellent.

Hut Rules Etc: Refer to notices and information folder in the lodge for lodge rules, water requirements, community fire fighting equipment etc.

Phone: Nearest telephone in case of emergency is at the occupied Railway house, or at Grasmere Station. There is a cell tower at Cass, but calling can be problematic. SMS and data however work OK, allowing for calls via Whatsapp or Messenger etc.

Nearest Shop / Garage: Springfield or Arthurs Pass – both 30 minutes away.

Nearest Restaurant: Bealey Hotel – 15 minutes drive away.

Lodge Location: 1.5 hours comfortable drive, or 130 km by sealed road from Church Corner along the main West Coast Highway. After passing by Lakes Pearson and Grasmere look for Craigieburn Road on your right (3.2 km on), then the sign pointing to Cass 300 m further on your right and just before the cell tower.

Turn right at Cass Settlement and follow the road into the village. Where the obvious road veers to the left, slow down and turn into a grass driveway at the end of the large hedge (about 30m) on your right hand side. The drive has a paddock facing the railway line to the left of it, with a house in behind the trees to the right of it. Travel down the long drive and there you will find the lodge.