Club Trips and Activities

Club nights

September Club night: Tuesday the 21st.
Provided we get back to alert level 2, our guest speaker is Anita Spencer, Senior Ranger from the Department of Conservation. Anita will talk about the updated white baiting regulations for this year, and planned changes for next year. 

October Club night: Tuesday the 19th.
No firms plan as yet – watch this space!


Club trips

July 2nd – 4th: Flounder weekend at Duvauchelle
Accommodation will be at the Duvauchelle Camping ground. This is a really social weekend with quite a haul of fresh Flounder to take home, based on past years. Filleting classes for those who want to know.

July 31st: Lake Coleridge Brass Monkey
The annual Lake Coleridge Brass Monkey Competition with a number of fishing clubs from Christchurch taking part. It is thought that most anglers will go up for the day only, as accommodation is a bit hard to come by. Winter camping anyone??